Congratulations! You are preparing to welcome a new baby into the world. The Doula is here to help you be present and truly experience every moment. With love and support, the Doula provides emotional, physical and educational support for expecting parents, laboring parents, or parents who have recently given birth. As your Doula, I strive to help parents enjoy a safe, positive, and empowering birthing experience.

Labor Support – $750

This service includes a personal consultation with Rachel, on-call availability from two weeks prior to your due date until your baby is born, and Doula support during labor and birth.

Standard Support – $1000

This service includes one personal consultation, one prenatal meeting, on-call availability from two weeks prior to your due date until your baby is born, Doula support during labor and birth and one newborn support meeting once you are back at home.

Reservations – $1200-$5000

This service was created by request to reserve a period of time for the expecting family to ensure Rachel is booked exclusively. If you would prefer to reserve services for a week or a month exclusive to your due date, we will come up with a plan specific to your needs.

Newborn and Postpartum Support – $75/2 hours of support.

I also offer more extended supports if you would prefer. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in discussing more extended supports.

Hospice Doula – $1000

This support includes one meeting with the family after the patient is approved for Hospice care as well as support for the patient and attending family during the patient’s passing. I would love to¬†discuss this more if you have questions.

Art Therapy – $75/2 hour session

Rachel has been painting for years and would encourage all of your to express yourself through art. This service provides a one on one guided painting experience for you and your family. Create a beautiful piece for your baby’s nursery! This can also be arranged for larger groups of expecting mamas if you want to throw a party or have a creative component at your baby shower. Please reach out if you have questions